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1. I regularly catch myself when I’m judging others, interrupt the judgment on the spot, and inwardly create a new intent for that person and me.


2. I live in the experience of the interconnectedness of my business, family, and personal areas of my life and I am happy with whatever I am doing.


3. I use my intuitive faculty as an essential aspect of being effective in a 24/7 world.


4. I embrace uncertainty because I am aware it is what gives me freedom to create and shape my world.


5. I live in a state of equanimity – at peace, centered and focused, clear, alert and joyful.


6. I have compassion for people in uncontrolled emotional reactions, and remain unaffected by it, bringing calm to them.


7. I know my emotions are responses to meaning, and I consciously use emotional energy in ways that best serve myself and others.


8. I approach new ideas and problems from a thinking foundation of infinite possibility – aware of when my thinking is limiting, and am able to go beyond it.


9. I know what it means to listen with my whole being and I am able to create affinity with people by listening that way.


10. I experience having enough time to do what I want and need to do, and I find ease in accomplishment.


11. I am not attached to my beliefs, don’t have a pull to “take sides” and appreciate the value in all perspectives.


12. I am clear about my purpose and I experience my purpose being expressed in all my actions, living in the joy that my journey reflects.


13. I live spontaneously, delighting in the many synchronicities, serendipities and quantum occurrences, reveling in the magic of life.


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Our patterns and habits of thinking affect every aspect of our lives, from relationships and accomplishments to peace and purpose, to daily routines and turning points in world affairs.

Whether you call it new thinking, a different mindset, or an evolutionary leap in consciousness – the fact is it’s time for all of us to think in a new way.

The world is changing at a dizzying pace.
In today’s rapidly changing, uncertain world with a sea of information coming from every direction—it is more important than ever to gain mastery with our ability to be clear and focused, to discern what is best and right for ourselves.

We’re all looking for new ways of thinking that can have us bring about real solutions to modern problems –
from peace of mind to business results to global issues.

Until now the idea thought creates reality has been given
little attention in mainstream society, sometimes dismissed as
wishful thinking and little to do with concrete reality.
The missing link: knowing how to use the dynamic laws of mind.
It’s time to learn how the “physics of mind” actually works to create our results.

Since the dawn of human civilization sages and spiritual masters have taught, as you think, so you become.
But it is only now that the real scientific evidence for this has emerged. The implications of this growing awareness help form the foundation of the QuantumThink message. Though science may infer, the undeniable real evidence is your own experience.

QuantumThink® is an actual methodology for excellence in living in our modern times, revealed to you in your direct personal experience.


More insight …


We’re in a Quantum Age using Industrial Age thinking.
It’s not working.

Our current thinking system was created in another era when our 24/7 way of life didn’t exist.
We’re in a Quantum Age still using thinking shaped by the Industrial Age, so it’s no wonder we’re feeling limited by it.

“Einstein’s edict, ‘the problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them,’ has become a modern-day mantra – not just because it makes sense; it has never been more relevant.”

– Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World


  • “Quantum” has become the modern buzzword, and for good reason. We are in a quantum age with new knowledge, especially about the relationship of mind and thinking to our results.
  • People are experiencing stress and even burnout, confusion and questions about meaning and purpose.Why? The pace of change is accelerating, there is an increasing number of choices and complexity, and because our world is rapidly transforming, there is daily uncertainty.
  • Our societal institutions – educational, medical, judicial, political, media – all of them have been shaped by Industrial Age thinking. That’s why many aspects of these institutions need to be re-structured for greater effectiveness. New times require new thinking.
  • QuantumThink provides specific principles we can learn and use that instantly give us a new perspective on life.
  • Most of us haven’t yet realized that we think in a “system” based on beliefs and assumptions that are put forth by the scientists of our age – the worldview.
  • We’re in a Quantum Age trying to use Industrial Age thinking even though it’s no longer effective.
    It’s time to upgrade our thinking in sync with the times and knowledge at the edge of discovery.
How does it happen?
Take a quantum leap in the way you think.
  • QuantumThink is not just a philosophy or a good idea – this is practical wisdom you put to use immediately.

“I want a new point of view.”
New thinking is not a series of clever or creative ideas; it’s a new framework, a different perspective.

If thinking is so important to every aspect of life, wouldn’t it be a great idea to get really good at thinking?

Start now …


QuantumThink® AudioCoach

Easy. Fast. Effective.
All you do is listen.

What if your thinking was as up-to-date as your technology?
It’s possible when you QuantumThink.


  • Ten distinctions in new thinking – in 20-minute MP3 streaming audios
  • The ultimate primer in QuantumThinking
  • Instantly connects you to the power of your mind to create

QuantumThink AudioCoach

The only online streaming audio program that puts it all together –cutting edge scientific principles universal knowledge common to the world’s greatest spiritual traditions
made modern as practical daily wisdom in action.

“My entire life has been devoted to the question: what is the access to creating the results we truly desire? From studying everything from physics to metaphysics I made a few life altering discoveries that led me to create the QuantumThink® model – a system of thinking comprised of principles and practices that make it quick and easy for anyone to live the wisdom of science and spirituality in everyday life – not just to know the principles – to actually embody them.”

-Dianne Collins, Creator of QuantumThink®

“I’ve seen what happens when people start to QuantumThink. You start dancing with surprising changes in a way that leaves you energized and excited. You’re able to take the most appropriate actions without hesitating. You’re able to commit yourself to your dream projects and goals and realize your power to manifest them. You have a feeling of time slowing down.
The one thing that happens for everyone – you experience a new depth of love and connectedness to the important people in your life. For as long as I have been presenting QuantumThink, I am still amazed by what happens for people. It’s wonderful.”

-Alan Collins, Strategic QuantumThink Consultant

for people seeking leading edge thinking, models and methods
for mastering effectiveness and fulfillment in professional and personal life,
as our world undergoes unprecedented change for a bright new future.


  • a groundbreaking system of thinking trademarked in 1997
  • a solution-based perspective for new thinking
  • presented in specific principles, “distinctions” in new thinking at the edge of knowledge today
  • based in insights of quantum science and wisdom of spiritual traditions and made practical in modern daily life
  • created by Dianne Collins, modern visionary and six-time award-winning author
    of the acclaimed bestseller, Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World
  • presented by Dianne Collins with husband and business partner, Strategic QuantumThink Consultant and Master QuantumThink Coach, Alan K. Collins – to executives and entrepreneurs, celebrities and politicos, homemakers and students, artists and professionals around the world.
Observer-created Reality, Transformation as Distinct from Change,
Thinking from Infinite Possibility, Being In One Conversation—
what does it all mean?


    Contains everything you need for an ongoing experience of mastery.
    One-time purchase fee of $195 gives you unlimited lifetime access to the website and all materials.Includes QuantumThink audios, articles, coaching tips – materials that support you and your experience, all in your own time and at your convenience.
    Listen online or download MP3 audios (approx. 20 min. each)
    These are the proprietary QuantumThink® Distinctions and Recreations, practices for the mind and awareness that easily integrate the principles in your life – in the natural course of your ordinary daily activities.
    Additional audios that present special “conversational” coaching.
    for each of the 10 QuantumThink distinctions for deeper learning.
    A written overview “essence” of each of the 10 QuantumThink distinctions and Recreations for convenient reference. Includes PDF versions for printing.
    For personalizing – putting into practice each of the 10 QuantumThink distinctions applied to what’s important to you, something specific in your life. Includes coaching on creating your Intent – the vital dynamic, essential to all endeavors.
    Once a month the program creators, Dianne Collins and Alan Collins offer a “live” teleconference interactive Q&A and coaching call. Join the conversation where you can get your questions answered and receive personal coaching in a group setting.
    Important difference between Intent and Intention to refine your ability to create and manifest results. Mastery on how to construct statements of Intent that give rise to your results.
Our patterns and habits of thinking affect every aspect of our lives,
from relationships and business results, to world affairs, to our personal peace of mind.

To expand and enhance your experience and mastery of QuantumThinking in all areas of your life, included are supplementary QuantumThink materials addressing your relationship with money, what it takes to live your purpose, and more.


AUDIO – “It Really IS About the Money”

Whatever your economic and wealth status, in this interview with Dianne Collins hosted by the Conscious Wealth Telesummit you will transcend any cultural or personal limiting thoughts and ideas you have about money not being spiritual or virtuous – and gain a deeper, empowering and conscious relationship with money as you connect to what money represents through the 7 Dimensions of what it means to “Live Fully Dimensionally.”

ARTICLE – “Your Magical Mind – Are You Using It?” by Dianne Collins

In this article Dianne Collins distinguishes what she calls the 5 Natural Faculties of Mind, what they are and how to tap into them effectively, giving you a new relationship with “your magical mind.”

BOOK CHAPTER – The Holomovement of Purpose

From Dianne Collins’ six-time award-winning bestseller, Do You QuantumThink?

New Thinking That Will Rock Your World – this special chapter guides you to refine and distinguish your worldly purpose so you are strengthened in all the various ways your purpose expresses itself throughout your life.

ARTICLE – “You Can’t Get ‘There’ from ‘Here’ – why change doesn’t work” by Dianne Collins.

This article clearly outlines how to make the leap to QuantumThink your business results. A wealth of information and clarity that business leaders love to review and apply, and again and again.

The QuantumThink AudioCoach
ten principles instantly connect you to the power of your own mind to create results.


  • Self-mastery – experience greater confidence, relaxation, happiness, and peace of mind.
  • Centered – focused in a naturally higher state.
  • Command – the comfort of knowing you are fine and in command of your life, regardless of circumstances.
  • Connected – the ability to create quality communications and relationships with others, easily.
  • Intuitive – enhanced Intuitive faculty of mind for greater ease in decision-making.
  • Quantum leaps – establishing optimistic, “winning” mindsets for quantum leaps in results.
  • Limitless – taking yourself beyond outdated habits and automatic patterns of thinking.
  • Current – learning the most leading edge thinking principles and practices, the QuantumThink® system of thinking.
  • Accelerated – apply QuantumThink to naturally accelerate the success of specific projects.
  • Elevated – unprecedented collaboration with others. When you learn and use the QuantumThink distinctions together, you have a common basis for advanced thinking.
  • Awakened – higher consciousness that gives you presence and freedom, choice and bliss.


Simply by listening to the Intro to QuantumThink and these life-changing distinctions you access the “zero point state” of calm,focused awareness as you learn to us the natural faculties of quantum consciousness.
Listen, practice the specific “Recreations” and expect quantum leaps in every area of life important to you.





In this Introduction to the QuantumThink® system of thinking, you will learn the distinction between “old world view” thinking conditioned by the Industrial Age of times past, and “new world view” thinking that QuantumThink teaches, so we think in sync with the wisdom of the time.



We know as a “concept” that the principle of unity and wholeness is a universal principle operating throughout nature and within you and me, and that everything and all of life is interconnected and interrelated. Yet, how do we live these principles in everyday activities, to create soundness and integrity in our way of life? Listen and it becomes natural.



One of the most important principles of our quantum age is the discovery of “the observer effect.” In essence what it means is you and I are shaping our reality and our experience of life, according to what we bring to our “observations”—what we hold in our awareness and the meanings we bring to every situation. The great news is when we become aware of this distinction “Observer-created Reality” and learn how the dynamic of creation—the power of Intent – works, we break free from predictable outcomes and can masterfully create what we truly desire.



In every moment there are infinite ways that reality can manifest, and there are infinite ways that we can think about and create our approaches to what is important to us in our daily lives. Yet, due to our “old world view” limited thinking habits, there are Least-action Pathways that kick in, interfering with our ability to think from Infinite Possibility. In this distinction you learn to easily catch the limits of your thinking in the moment, and create from the boundless infinity of possibilities.



We have all experienced many successes in our lives, however, we may not always be aware that even our successes, which by definition are past-based, can limit us going forward. In our dramatically changing, fast-paced world it is time for us to start living from the state of Mastery. This is a state where we are acting freshly, spontaneously alert and aware in the moment, knowing the appropriate action and taking it, without having to think about it. This is the state from which all great accomplishment derives.



Intent is the active dynamic of creation that we have been endowed with, and Allowing is the passive dynamic. When you realize that in a given moment we can only see or be aware of 10 percent of the total picture, it becomes essential to learn to exercise the faculty of Allowing so we can recognize all the different results and opportunities that present themselves, consistent with our Intent.



When you think from a Holistic & Holographic mindset you realize that a conversation is not made up of “parts” but is a whole field, a relational field of various voices engaging in One Conversation. In this distinction you condition yourself to “listen with your whole being” – and you quite naturally create a higher quality of connection in all your relationships.


People say they want “change” in their life without realizing that in order to change something, it has to be “present.” Thus, you tend to keep in existence the very thing or condition you want to release. By distinguishing Transformation as Distinct from Change you develop the practice of placing your focus and attention on creating what you want, creating clarity in the resonant field for attracting what you desire.



The old world view has silently “trained” us to relate to our goals and desires as “separate” from us, yet we create most powerfully and with ease when our desired result in experienced as an aspect of our own being. This extremely useful distinction enables us to quickly discern how we are related to our goal – in Unawareness, Conceptually, Intuitively, or in Participatory Knowing. When we are aware this way, we can shift and manifest with ease.



The highest state of awareness is being established in the Perspective of All Perspectives – free of automatic conditioning and reaction to views that we either don’t agree with or resonate with. This is the state of non-attachment. When we are attached we tend to jam the energy field and create “interference” in the connectivity between creative Intelligence and ourselves. Great leaders are charismatic because without getting swept up in Least-action Pathways, they are able to be with any perspective while remaining engaged in their own committed path.



When you have Being Centered as a distinction you are able to function in the Both/And world of being fully engaged and participating in all the different roles you play in life, and at the same time remaining in the state of Awareness as the “watcher.” Being Centered in present-moment awareness is the state in which the natural forces of creation, our faculties of mind are most powerfully effective.


You will enjoy listening to this powerful audio program  from QuantumThink creator, Dianne Collins and
Master QuantumThink Coach, Alan Collins again and again …




“QuantumThink® is the most powerful program that I have experienced in my 20 years working Corporate America. This new way of thinking enables you to create results that were unimaginable, beginning with intent and thoughts and working through words and actions. It is an ongoing, continuous learning, and evolving part of my life now.”

– Kathy Bloom, Human Resource Professional, Accenture

“I doubled my income in the first year of QuantumThinking. I diversified my thinking and in turn I diversified my business. I was invited to be a member of an investment group of venture capital angels and had my dream of being a racehorse owner come true. I became a major shareholder in one of the best racehorses in the country. It was all about being consciously aware moment by moment. Being so present and clear allowed me to create what I wanted. QuantumThink got me to think in systems rather than seeing life and people and projects as separate and distinct. This changed everything for me.”

– Chris Pallas, Hospital Pharmacist and Thoroughbred Racing Owner-Breeder

“I am in awe of your creation and very much want to acknowledge the ease and simplicity of the program.”

– Roma Gaster, Leadership Consultant

This level of mastery in living and understanding opens the possibility of solving the pressing issues in our world today as we have never done before, as well as giving us
a true sense of command in our business, professional and personal worlds.

“I have found a new felt freedom and ease in making decisions. QuantumThink has allowed me to get back in touch with my power of intent and purpose. Whole new vistas are now available and open to me that I couldn’t see before the course.”

– Harold Solomon, Former 5th Ranked ATP Tennis Player in the World

“Thank you Dianne and Alan! Chalk this up as one of your success stories. QuantumThink® principles helped me get to the point in my life where I knew I wanted to write poetry and in less than two years I am ranked the #5 poet on an international writing site of 3000 poets (many published) and have become a published writer myself. See what you have the ability to inspire in us!”

– Sue Campion, Poet and Educator

“QuantumThink is quite possibly one of the most influential programs I have ever experienced. The combination of the distinctions and recreations is profound and the emphasis on intent has helped me create exactly the personal and professional life that I have wanted for myself and my family. “This program helped me leave a failing partnership, brought me together with investors and moved my vision forward through their passion for what I was doing. The most amazing part was, through the QuantumThink distinctions, I was able to build a scenario that met every single intent I had previously written down from an income level to time freedom and a new position doing exactly what I love to do.”

– Jake Velie, CEO and Clinical Advisory Board Chairman, Natural Integrative Health




“Dianne Collins has fully felt the ‘quantum’ impact and has dedicated her life to teaching others basic principles that impact their lives and solve old problems with a new way of thinking called and invented by her, QuantumThink®.”

– Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, Renowned Quantum Physicist and Author, featured in the motion picture,
“What the Bleep Do We Know!?” and on Discovery Channel TV


  • Dianne Collins, six-time award winning, bestselling author and the creator of QuantumThink® is a modern visionary and popular media personality, the “voice of The New Mainstream.”
    Her highly acclaimed book, Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World, often called “the bible of new thinking” is considered a must read for our changing times.
  • Dianne created the groundbreaking new system of thinking, QuantumThink®, for living the highest and best in everyday practical life — integrating science, philosophy, and spirituality; drawing on sources that range from cutting edge scientific innovations to the wisdom of the world’s greatest spiritual leaders – making it relevant in popular contemporary culture.
  • Dianne puts it all together to make sense of our dramatically changing times, so you can consciously and masterfully manifest results in the quality of your life – from inner peace and spiritual connection to relationships, business, and world affairs.
    Dianne is known for her exuberant and uplifting style and the ability to take complex subjects and make them understandable, accessible and beneficial to everyone. She is considered one of the most important thought-leaders of our time.


“Alan supplies the shell or the secure container within which both an idea and a person can flourish and grow. That security derives from Alan’s unique abilityto re-create through our conversations often challenging experiences – and then to overlay different context and perspective around those experiences which allay any fears,  draw out the learning within them, and provide clarity as to the best route forward.Alan’s wisdom, calm manner and his total focus on my success and happiness combine to always leave me feeling safe, focused and inspired.”

– Jonathan Davies, C-Level Business Leader in Global Broadcast and Digital Media

  • Alan Collins is a Master QuantumThink® Coach and Strategic QuantumThink Consultant to senior executives and entrepreneurs in the world’s leading corporations. He has worked with tens of thousands of people in having them reach their pinnacle of success in what is important to them in their business and personal lives. With uncanny insight and understanding Alan has a unique gift of listening. He’s attunes to his client’s intent, yet what isn’t being said, and then exercises an exceptional talent to zoom in directly on what is most significant for people so they connect to their power to go forward in living their vision.

For more than 15 years, Dianne Collins and Alan K. Collins have presented QuantumThink® with outstanding success to executives, managers, consultants, and staff in the world’s leading companies including Accenture, AT&T, Chase Bank, CNN, Dupont and Sprint; to leaders and officials in the United States government including the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, National Partnership for Reinventing Government under former Vice President, Al Gore, and the Federal Executive Institute; as well as to entrepreneurs and evolutionaries, celebrities and politicos, students and homemakers—to individuals of all ages and walks of life worldwide.


Quantum shifts are real and yes, they are possible.
They’re inevitable when you QuantumThink.