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The Company Mind Can QuantumThink

Is your company really leading-edge?

“Place your new situation in a context that has not previously been articulated to the people in the organization.” -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
                                                From Donald T. Phillips, Martin Luther King, Jr. On Leadership

A New Horizon For Corporate Groups

for the whole company, a business unit, a project team

We offer two programs:

QuantumThink Experience

Featuring the QuantumThink AudioCoach

Self-directed Listening – Structured Program – For Any Number of Employees up to Entire Company


QuantumThink Mastery Program

Live Coaching Program via Teleconference – For Groups Minimum of 100 Participants +

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Is your company really leading-edge?

If you are an Executive, Leader, Manager, Coach, or Associate
in any corporate culture in the world, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you find yourselves continuously working on “team building”?
  • Are you forever trying to get your associates to think outside of that “same old box”?
  • Is the new expectation of time in the new technonomy – “zero time” – overwhelming your team?
  • Do you spend hours secretly wishing that the person you report to will miraculously change 
to the person you would find easy to communicate with and stimulating to work alongside?
do you imagine that the people who report to you are secretly wishing that you will transform? lol
  • Is the basis for your company’s decision-making whatever your competitors are doing?
  • Are you continuously working on getting your Vision embraced throughout your organization?
  • Are the rest of the associates still in doubt about what the Vision actually is?

From Quagmire to QuantumThink

If these and other perennial quagmires of corporate culture are getting you down, sapping your energy, or eroding your market share, consider a new world view for your business.

What is “The Company Mind”?

Just as an individual mind develops habits of thinking that inhibit or enhance our experience and results, so do corporate cultures have a “company mind.”

The beliefs, ideas and patterns of decision-making; the approaches to producing results, the things that associates typically say about the company, the management, their industry, the economy, their future –all of this becomes the company mind.

In essence, the company mind is the corporate culture.
It truly is possible to get everyone on the same page – thinking from infinite possibility, grounded, focused and confident in accomplishing a shared vision in action – faster and more easily than you can imagine.

QuantumThink programs provide a common basis for thinking – easily accessible in the midst of real time business activity.
As the whole company, a business unit, a project group learns to QuantumThink together while accomplishing relevant business objectives in real time, the attainment results in unsurpassed mastery.

QuantumThink AudioCoach and QuantumThink Mastery are two effective opportunities for your company to make the leap.

Thoughts from a Q&A with Dianne Collins
Q: How does QuantumThink benefit professional life?
          A: “Professional success is largely based in the way we communicate and relate to others. When you QuantumThink you heighten your awareness and you go beyond whatever automatic limits you have had about yourself that you were living within, unknowingly. This opens you to “infinite possibility thinking.”
          You are more present so you’re listening like you never have before, and others experience you that way. You hear things – ideas and solutions that you couldn’t even notice before when you did things more routinely.
          You become profoundly connected to your own unique talents and you find yourself naturally in action fulfilling what you truly desire. Your confidence grows.
          Realizing that every person has unique qualities and talents to contribute you begin relating to people from that perspective. People experience being respected, valued. You operate from the power of intent. Leadership gets elevated. Things get accomplished in unforeseen ways. It’s amazing, truly amazing how fast it all comes about.”

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