QuantumThink® Quotient

Determine Your QTQ

QTQ, A New Stock Symbol?

Not exactly… it is just you taking stock of your own awareness. Have some fun and take the quiz to determine your QuantumThink Quotient.

Are you are Master, Wizard, Seeker, Visitor, or Sleeper QuantumThinker?

Remember, you can raise your QTQ any time, any place – with your own awareness. We call that a great investment in yourself!


The most powerful force in this world is the light of your awareness.

Notice that you become more aware just from reading the questions and thinking about them.

  1. Contemplate the questions below and be honest with yourself.
  2. At the end of each question, select the choice that most accurately describes your experience of yourself.
  3. When you Submit the form, you will see whether you are a Master, Wizard, Seeker, Visitor, Sleeper QuantumThinker. Imagine the possibilities as you learn and continue to QuantumThink!
  4. The full key of possible results will be emailed to you.

Enter the questions below honestly.

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1. I regularly catch myself when I’m judging others, interrupt the judgment on the spot, and inwardly create a new intent for that person and me.


2. I live in the experience of the interconnectedness of my business, family, and personal areas of my life and I am happy with whatever I am doing.


3. I use my intuitive faculty as an essential aspect of being effective in a 24/7 world.


4. I embrace uncertainty because I am aware it is what gives me freedom to create and shape my world.


5. I live in a state of equanimity – at peace, centered and focused, clear, alert and joyful.


6. I have compassion for people in uncontrolled emotional reactions, and remain unaffected by it, bringing calm to them.


7. I know my emotions are responses to meaning, and I consciously use emotional energy in ways that best serve myself and others.


8. I approach new ideas and problems from a thinking foundation of infinite possibility – aware of when my thinking is limiting, and am able to go beyond it.


9. I know what it means to listen with my whole being and I am able to create affinity with people by listening that way.


10. I experience having enough time to do what I want and need to do, and I find ease in accomplishment.


11. I am not attached to my beliefs, don’t have a pull to “take sides” and appreciate the value in all perspectives.


12. I am clear about my purpose and I experience my purpose being expressed in all my actions, living in the joy that my journey reflects.


13. I live spontaneously, delighting in the many synchronicities, serendipities and quantum occurrences, reveling in the magic of life.


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