We’re so glad you’re here.

It’s such a great pleasure to welcome you to the QuantumThink Experience and the QuantumThink AudioCoach program.

Our intent is for you to feel exhilarated as you experience a renewed sense of your own mastery to create what you desire in every area of life. You are embarked on one of the greatest adventures – into your own awareness! Wishing you the best always, in all ways.


1-   The audios are what we call the QuantumThink “distinctions.” You must be logged in to  listen and to view any of the content in the Members’ Area.

2-   You can access the QT distinction audios in 3 ways – from the numbers across the blue header; by hovering over the word “Distinctions” in the header for a drop down menu; and by clicking on the beautiful images at the top of the home page.

3-   When you click on a distinction, the center page becomes the page for that specific distinction.
       On each distinction page you will find:

Audio of the Distinction
Written “Essence” of the Distinction, including
Recreation Practice for the mind and awareness
Coaching Worksheet to personalize and apply that distinction in your life
Conversational Audio for additional insight on the distinction,
best listened to after you practice the Recreation.

4-  All the links in the Members’ Area are for you to enhance your QuantumThink mastery.

Articles link is important because it coaches you in creating powerful statements of Intent, and distinguishes the difference between Intent and Intention.

Extras link is for you to go to another octave of awareness with money, with purpose, and with the 5 natural faculties of mind.

New World View link shows you the vast difference between the realities of “old world view” thinking and “new world view” thinking.

5- A Note regarding the Mobile and Tablet versions of the site:  scroll down past the menus to get to the page link you clicked on.

For example, if you click on Login – you will first see the sidebar menus, and when you scroll further down below the menus, you will see the place to login.

6- The Guests’ Area offers videos you will find entertaining and enlightening. It’s a great place to introduce your friends and colleagues to the QuantumThink Experience.

7- The link to Share Quantum Occurrences is visible only to Members of this site. Everyone loves to hear all the ways QuantumThinking is enhancing people’s lives!

Have fun with this!