Do many of us fail to live consciously? Why?

None of us like to think we aren’t living consciously – in fact most of us are convinced that we do. Yet until you are aware of all the ways you habitually think about things, automatically do things, instantly react to things, you really aren’t in a state of what we consider to be true “choice.” We’ve all been influenced by a mechanical world view. Think of a machine. Once you set it up to work it just runs automatically. There is no conscious awareness necessary – unless something goes wrong, that is. When things go wrong – when someone becomes ill, when a natural disaster hits, when injustice is inflicted – that’s when people are forced by the circumstances to wake up and we start living a little bit more consciously. But after the alarm goes off we fall back to sleep. However, we can wake up deliberately, proactively on our own. It’s time now.  152



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