Do we not think fully dimensionally, encompassing the heart, soul, intellect, body, spirit? Or do we tend to think and act within limited systems?

We’ve been oriented around one dimension – the physical. So we really haven’t been Living Fully Dimensionally as we say in QuantumThink. Einstein proved with his famous e=mc2 that what we think of as matter is in fact energy but the general public doesn’t understand the implications. If we were thinking and Living Fully Dimensionally schools would teach children how to work with their own energy and teach ancient spiritual methods of mastering the mind. Science would investigate the nature of consciousness de rigueur, and doctors would be trained to heal with energy frequencies instead of chemicals and cutting.

Thinking in one dimension has kept us locked us into a basically rational-conceptual mode of reality that disconnects us from our heart’s intelligence. Think about it. If people are in touch with their heart, do you really think they could produce weapons to kill one another? It may sound far fetched but it isn’t – not in the least. The daily news is sufficient proof that we need to start Living Fully Dimensionally.   170


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