How did you come to develop this revolutionary new way of thinking that you call QuantumThink?

I’ve always been one of the young mavericks who looks at the world,  sees the absurdities, and wants to make things better. At 15 I realized I was living in a world where people willfully manufactured weapons to deliberately kill other     people and that everyone seemed to think this was all okay – I thought – there has  to be another way of creating this world. I studied everything from physics to  metaphysics. My dream was to create a TV series that entertained and enlightened   as you watch. Then my husband who is a masterful coach needed a structure to     work with people. I applied my own insights along with science and spiritual     wisdom and created programs we presented in business and to the public and they    worked. I wasn’t just showing people “how-to” think and live from a more    expansive and more accurate view of reality – through my work they actually  lived it. In 1997 I trademarked the name QuantumThink®.      159


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