How do we go from seeing things as either/or to both/and?

The first thing is to be aware of the fundamentals of a quantum reality – there are no absolutes. Just because you have a thought or you did something a certain way last time doesn’t make it “the truth.” Life is multidimensional. Life is infinite possibility. Life is energy in flux – always moving and changing – and we are the ones shaping it according to the way we observe it. The second thing is to become aware of and catch yourself in the automatic either/or mechanisms in the moment they happen – pause – and realize you are not stuck with either/or options. Both/And comes from the fact that energy is both a particle and a wave – and it is both at the same time. Even when things appear “contradictory” on the surface, they both have validity and others do as well. When the either/or mechanism shows up, ask yourself in that very moment: What else is possible? 154

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