How does QuantumThinking help one’s relationship?

Relationships are not based in fixed traits of two individuals as the old world view would have us think; relationships are based in the way we decide to see one another, the way we hold one another in our mind. This can shift and transform any time we choose. It’s “the Observer effect” in action. Further, because we exist in “fields” together, we are interconnected through the field. My intent for our relationship and for you literally affects you and vice versa. When you QuantumThink you become aware of your judgments in the moment they occur and right there you realize that your judgments are not the “absolute truth.” You start listening to that person as though you are there to discover them freshly in that very moment rather than through the concept you’ve already concluded about them. They experience that depth of listening. Your relationship takes on a whole new quality. You can’t change a person because nature doesn’t work that way. However, you can definitely influence the way a person will be with you, based on your intent.   180

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