How have you seen people change dramatically after having been initiated into the teachings of QuantumThinking?

The biggest thing that happens for everyone is time seems to slow down and they get peaceful, centered, focused no matter how much activity they have going on in their business and personal lives. Things happen naturally without pushing and forcing. People accomplish what they always wanted to but could never see how. Teenagers talk to their parents in deeper conversations than “yes-no-fine” monosyllables. Kids put on their pajamas and go to bed without being asked. Marriages on the edge come together, and relationships end that needed to years ago. People regain their sense of self, confidence, and personal power. Fear and doubt may arise but they’re not run by those things because they know the power of their own Intent.

In business people think beyond either/or options. Corporate politics and power plays vanish. People respect and honor what each one uniquely brings. It’s a whole different reality and business results soar.  152


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