How is context everything when it comes to how we live our life?

Context is a framework, a perspective, even a belief system. Context shapes reality. If you go to work thinking you’re going to have a lousy day, you most certainly will. The laws of physics will make sure you do. “Resonance” means you will attract what you are vibrating. This isn’t bebop or la-la language. It’s physics. That we live in an Observer-created Reality means reality is always consistent with the context we bring. We have clichés for this in our culture – the glass half-empty/half-full idea. When you QuantumThink you realize you can invent new contexts. It’s not a matter of either/or – empty or full. You can invent the glass brimming over from an endless reservoir. Contexts are neither true nor false. They are created perspectives that you choose to live from to shape life as you desire.

If you see a girl in a bikini on a beach, you might admire her beauty – but if you see a girl in a bikini sitting at the conference table in your office, you are going to react a lot differently. The fact is the same – girl in bikini. There is nothing absolute about it. Context gives meaning. A simple example, but it will help you remember the message: Context is everything.   210

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