Is our world limited by time and space or is there a way to see beyond these factors?

Anyone who uses the Internet or even anyone who has watched TV or listened to the radio realizes that our world already functions outside the limits of ordinary space (physicality) and time. Yet we don’t acknowledge this fact in our society and therefore we’re still trying to manage our lives on an old world time clock in compartments and trying to pin everything down. The net effect of this is that we are overwhelmed – by the speed of change, by the increasing amount of activities and choices, by the unfathomable uncertainty occurring daily. We are living in a quantum age – yet our thinking lags behind.

The important question is: How do we think effectively for such a world? When you QuantumThink you are focused and aware in the present moment and you transcend anxiety that comes from worry about the past or fear about the future. You can function in time and yet think beyond time and learn to use inherent creative faculties that don’t depend on your physical presence for getting things done. It’s quite liberating.   177

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