So, what’s new world thinking?

New world view thinking is based in the quantum view of reality – a holistic, multidimensional model of the universe as energy-in-flux – unpredictable, uncertain, nonmaterial at its source and therefore, quite malleable – able to be shaped and shifted according to the Intent of the conscious observer, meaning us. It means you know you are the one shaping your experience – of your relationships, of the way you view the world, of what you are capable of accomplishing. It means Living Fully Dimensionally – knowledgeable about energy, spirit, mind, and universal laws and how they work to produce the physical. It’s knowing the power of Intent and the practical use of Intuition. It’s being able to think from Infinite Possibility. QuantumThinking means getting hip to an expanded and more accurate view of reality so it works in your everyday life.  136

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