There seems to be a paradox here. You ask us to see a new world yet we live in an old world, so how do we make this quantum leap?

You cannot see a new world view from the perspective of old world principles. You cannot fit an infinite possibility universe into a more limited one. So…what to do? It requires a literal quantum leap in consciousness. We do this all the time – every time your mind “jumps” from one experience to another. Only now we take this leap consciously.

Once you have the realization there is a whole other set of principles that we could be living from, rather than looking at them from your current perspective, you take the leap and you look from them. It’s like living on a remote island and trying to figure out how to live in New York City. You have to go to the big apple and experience it from there.

That’s what QuantumThink is for. Once you realize your thinking is conditioned from a mostly erroneous, backward view of the nature of reality and how things work, you can make the choice. You learn the expanded more accurate principles. You don’t trade in the old world view for the new world view. You simply learn to distinguish them and you become more effective with all of it. You take the leap and then it takes practice. The paradox of mastery is that it’s a practice.


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