What are the essential principles of QuantumThinking?

The essential principle is that life is creative and we’re the ones creating it all the time according to our intent and our habits of thinking. Some say “Thinking creates reality” is new age hokum however it is scientific fact and is taught by great spiritual traditions. Until you understand how our own minds work to create our outcomes in life – you really have little command over anything. If thinking creates reality, the next question is: What creates your thinking? That’s where QuantumThink comes in. The critical principle is that our thinking is not “free” but is conditioned by the world view, what we believe to be true about reality. We’re in a quantum age, yet our thinking is a relic of 17th century science, proved to be largely inaccurate. When you QuantumThink you think from accurate and current principles like multidimensionality, holism, and energy. You learn to master your mind. When you master your mind, you master your life.  160

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