What do you mean when you say we live in a world of infinite possibility?

Quantum scientists say that in every moment there are an infinite number of possible ways life may take form. It seems odd to say it but everything exists as a “cloud of possibility” that becomes real only when a conscious Observer chooses one of the possibilities. Reality exists as a kind of waiting to happen until you or I “observe” one of the possible realities into actuality. Nothing is fixed; everything is energy in constant flux. This is a creative, live-substance universe and you and I have been granted the privilege of being co-creators. We narrow this world of infinite possibility into probabilities according to our chosen intents. This knowledge has practical applicability on a personal level – with how you view your own partner or child, and it has profound usefulness on a worldly level – with issues of ending hunger and poverty or with keeping the Earth’s systems in balance. We’re not stuck with things as they are. We created this reality and with awareness we can literally co-create new and more workable realities.   174  1

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