What is the power of Intent and how can we each embrace it?

Intent is the active dynamic of creation for human beings. Intent is not a goal like one would use “intention;” it is more like an activating force that directs and focuses energy to attract outcomes consistent with the Intent. Out of the world of Infinite Possibility you are setting in motion actions and energy dynamics consistent with your Intent. Intent is a universal dynamic that is always playing out, but in many cases it is an Intent that we didn’t choose. Most of the time we aren’t aware of our Intent because we haven’t learned to ask ourselves the question: What is my Intent here? When you QuantumThink you use the power of Intent consciously.

To embrace Intent you need to be awake and aware of any automatic conclusions or judgments you have made about a person or a situation, just notice them, realize they are not “the truth,” and then create an Intent that serves the highest good for all.   161

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