You emphasize we need to move from old world thinking to the new world. Please explain what old world thinking is.

Old world thinking is shaped by a limited 17th century world view that gave us the Industrial Age – the world as machine. It’s a mechanical world and in many ways we have become automatic and mechanical too – in our beliefs, in the way we approach problems, and in our relationships. The old world view doesn’t understand the relationship between mind and matter because it declared only “matter” as real. The world as matter “tells” us objects are solid, we are separate, time moves in one direction, and we have to manage results through cause and effect physical actions. Circumstances are fixed – “the way it is” and there’s not much you can do about it. It’s trained us to see differences as antagonisms in an “either/or” world: liberal or conservative, black or white, right or wrong, your way or mine.

Fortunately, that is not the way nature actually is. We live in a universe of multi-dimensions, energy in flux, interconnected whole systems – a malleable world where mind is the creative factor. QuantumThink puts you in sync with these natural laws so you’re more effective.   184


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