You emphasize we need to wake up and expose ourselves to the truth that life can be very different than what we’ve assigned it to be. This could be amazingly empowering but also very frightening to some, right?

We know from science that reality is not fixed and set in stone. It’s an Observer-created Reality and we are the observers creating our own experience all the time. It’s empowering because we get to choose. It could be as you say “frightening” for some because you get to choose and that means you are responsible for what shows up. You can no longer blame circumstances for your lot in life. Even new world view biologists are showing that you can’t even blame your genes because your DNA is being influenced by the way you think and your cells react to that. In life we are either creating consciously or we are in some kind of response to what has already been created for us. Which one would you prefer? The brighter, enlivening view is when you QuantumThink you learn to create quite naturally and you love and are turned on by exploring all the possibilities.   156

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