You refer to something as the “non-local mind.” What is that?

One of the most important discoveries in science today is that our mind is nonlocal. Nonlocal means the mind is not “located” in our brain or in our body because the mind is nonmaterial. Mind doesn’t have a spatial quality like an ordinary object. Since the mind is not located anywhere in space and time, it means it can be anywhere in space and time. We’re not used to thinking this way and it sounds way out, yet there is ample documentation published in respected science journals that prove this again and again.

What does this mean for us that we have a nonlocal mind? It means we can both send and receive information at a distance from us. What we call a “coincidence” – when you’re thinking of someone and they phone you in that instant – that so-called coincidence is actually a natural faculty of nonlocal mind that we can learn to use. It’s extremely useful!   156


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